Create a meaningful life plan

A half-Day "Hero on A Mission " workshop to help you clarify a vision for your life and develop a plan to achieve it!


Create your Personalized Life Plan
Make Progress on Your Most Important Projects
Use the Daily Planner to Keep You Focused

Do you at times feel like you're aimlessly wandering through your life with no clear direction or meaning?

  • You’re not sure what to focus on each day

  • You don’t feel like you’re making progress on your most important projects 

  • You set goals but don’t actually achieve them

  •  You don’t have a clear vision of your life for the next 10 years

  • You aren’t sure how you can be most productive

  • You wake up in a fog and feel like your life is meaningless 

If you feel like your life isn’t going in the direction you want it to go, this powerful workshop will help!

Your Plan to Creating A Life of Meaning




Schedule a workshop.
Spend some time
focusing on you!
Create a clear vision for
your life and set
the right goals
Develop a prioritized daily routine that reminds you where
where you're going with

When you work through

Hero on a Mission...

  • You will know what to focus on.

  • You will know what to do, despite how you feel.

  • You will make progress every day on your life goals.

  • You will get enough done every day that you don’t feel like you are wasting your life.

  • Your life will make sense to yourself and others.

  • Your will experience a deeper sense of meaning and direction.

Whether you want to experience a deeper sense of meaning or just learn how to be more personally productive, this course will help.
  • 4 hour workshop (8 am - 12 pm MT) to help you create your life plan

  • A dedicated facilitator will walk you through each component

  • A life plan that gives you a deep sense of meaning and purpose

  •  A goal setting worksheet that ensures you achieve the most important goals

  • A daily planner that will keep you focused and increase your productivity

  • A workbook to keep you on track and organized

If manage a team or organization and they're feeling disconnected from the why of what you do and are needing inspiration, let's visit about doing a team workshop.

Imagine everyone on your team:

  • Having a sense of purpose!

  • Having a common vision for the future personally and professionally!

  • Knowing every day what their most import priories are.

What do I get with the workshop?


Meet your Facilitator

Duane Jess, MTEL
With over 25 years in the tech industry and having worked with all sorts of businesses from start-ups to Silicon Valley giants, I painfully know how hard it is to find balance. As a StoryBrand certified coach, I'm here to help individuals and businesses learn repeatable frameworks so you can thrive.

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