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leader who makes a difference.

Your leadership matters. Yet without clear, direct leadership and vision, your organization will never reach its full potential. CRMS coaches and develops the leaders' people trust

and the market respects.



Are you leading or

barely keeping up?

Can your business

function without you?

Do you have a clear and

cohesive strategy?


Are all team members on the same page?

Is the business profitable?


Too many tech entrepreneurs and leaders get frustrated because they end up spending the majority of their time reactively "fighting fires."

We believe that tech leaders should have effective, repeatable frameworks that allow them to build upon the efforts and time they've already put into the success of their business. 

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You're busy. We understand. Working with CRMS is easy.


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Using a proven framework, we'll work with you to create an individualized development and success plan tailored to your needs. 


You Grow and Prosper

With increased vision and focus, you'll be able to communicate clearly, execute decisively, and confidently lead with increased direction and clarity.


Your success matters to me.

I understand how you feel. Leading a company, launching a new product in the tech space, or opening new markets are all difficult things. How do you know where to focus when there is so much demand on your time and limited resources?


A proven way to thrive in the tech world is to organize your priorities and implement repeatable frameworks that scale. The Business Made Simple framework has helped thousands of organizations and individuals. CRMS exits to help leaders and companies thrive and be their best.


Let me focus on helping you in the areas where you want to develop and improve while you focus on growing your business and making a difference in the market.

- Duane Jess, CEO & Founder, CRMS

  Certified Business Made Simple Coach

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How Healthy Is Your Business?

It’s tough to see where the best opportunities for growth are from inside of your business. It’s like standing inside a glass jar and trying to read the label on the outside of the jar. Your perspective is limited and you need someone else to tell you what the label says.

That doesn’t mean you are slacking. It just means we all need some help from the outside to get things moving faster.

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